A cool roof prevents direct sunlight and UV damage, such as splitting, blistering, and decay, which usually occurs in traditional roofs. If your roofing material is affected by sunlight, it can cause leakages and subsequent water damage. At Campbell Roofing, we can recommend the ideal roof system and materials to help property owners prevent sun-related damage to their roofs. The right roof can reduce cooling and maintenance costs without compromising durability.

What is a Cool Roof System?

A cool roof system is light-colored roofing that reflects the sun’s heat and destructive rays. We can help you choose a roofing material that absorbs solar heat and lowers the building’s temperature. This goes a long way in ensuring your roof is protected from sunlight deterioration. Studies show that installing a cool roof is critical to reducing the demand for cooling energy by up to 50%. A cool roof system not only helps maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere but saves money and lasts longer, saving you many maintenance costs in the long run. Additionally, a cool commercial roof can reduce emissions and landfill waste without affecting air quality. Here are ways you stand to benefit by installing a cool roof system.

Life-Cycle Cost Savings

According to industry experts, installing a cool roof system provides additional benefits like energy savings and sustainability. Unlike traditional roofing systems, a cool roof has highly emissive and reflective qualities, which enhance durability compared to aluminum-coated or dark-colored roofs, which fail prematurely because of sunlight exposure. We recommend cool roofing systems when you are looking for long-lasting and leak-resistant roofing. You also stand to benefit from the reduced capital and operating costs.

Greater Comfort

Cool roof systems have exceptional heat release and reflectivity, significantly reducing roof and building temperatures. This means the overall air conditioning requirements are reduced while increasing the effectiveness of the HVAC unit. A cool roofing system relieves your AC by ensuring the interior experiences lower temperatures, resulting in higher comfort levels. Cool roofing increases employee productivity in a commercial setting by providing a conducive working environment.

Healthier Environment

Research shows that installing cool roof systems reduces smog or in-ground layer ozone, which is a leading cause of respiratory complications. Smog causes chemical reactions between oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compounds, and sunlight accelerates the response resulting in peak ozone levels during warmer seasons. If you live or work with someone suffering from respiratory illnesses, installing a cool roof system prevents their condition from worsening.

Protect and Extend Your Building’s Lifespan

Cool roof systems have the direct advantage of extending the lifespan of your roof. The emissive and reflective designs block damaging UV rays and reduce roof temperatures that cause asphalt degradation. Additionally, these systems have unmatched waterproofing capabilities, making them more effective than white paint. We also consider characteristics such as strength and stretch levels, adhesion, resistance to soiling, and durability to guarantee long-lasting roofing solutions.

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