Roof Installation

Buying a new roof is a big investment, and we want to help you make a good one. Learn about the best materials for your needs, alternative options like metal roofing, and how to find a local roofer that will do the job for you.

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How Long Does Roof Insulation Last?

Roof insulation is, in theory, one of the most long-lived layers of the roof. Safe beneath the shingles from the sun, rain and other damage, roof insulation won’t deteriorate quickly at all. In fact, roof insulation can be expected to last the lifetime of your home, or 100 years or more. Everything from spray insulation [...]

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Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

There are many different environmentally friendly roofing options. Which you should choose really depends on what you want to prioritize when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Do you want a material that is recyclable? That doesn’t take much energy to produce? Or, that helps you reduce how much energy you use when cooling your [...]

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How to Insulate a Flat Roof from the Inside

If you already have a flat roof but want to better its insulation, you may want to know how to insulate a flat roof from inside. Afterall, it is expensive, particularly on a large commercial roof, to remove the top layer of the roof and then lay down new insulation. However, before you figure out [...]

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TPO Roofing: Everything You Need to Know

There are many different types of flat roofing, so keeping them all straight can be a bit of a challenge. One type of flat roofing that we frequently get questions about is TPO roofing. This is a relatively new type of flat roofing, but it is increasingly popular because of its excellent features and ease [...]

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What’s the Life Expectancy of a Flat Roof?

For homeowners and property stakeholders, it’s important to estimate when the roof might give out and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, flat roof life expectancy is more complicated than pitched roof life expectancy. The type of flat roof you have, your climate, the quality of the installation, and how much maintenance it gets will all [...]

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