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We’re proud to offer a full range of roof services in Gilroy, for homeowners and commercial/industrial property owners

Roofing is a bit like garlic. Few people understand what goes into growing garlic, but it’s hard to make a good meal without it. Few people understand how a roof should work, but everyone needs to live and work beneath one. At Campbell Roofing, we bring the expertise and experience you need to keep your roof in good order, whether you’re installing a skylight or getting a brand-new flat roof. It’s humble work, but we take pride in it. Discover our full range of services and why you should choose us.

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Quality, Careful Roof Repair

Whether you have a small drip of water or a huge downpour, you need fast and complete roof repair services. That is exactly what we offer. We understand that roof leaks can be stressful, so we respond quickly to your call, find the real root of the problem, and fix it properly the first time. You can rest assured that when we fix a leak, it is actually fixed, and won’t reappear the next time there’s rain. We’re so confident that we offer a full 12-month guarantee on all of the roof repairs we perform.

Homeowners and commercial or industrial property owners might also be concerned about the safety of their family or the public during roof repairs. We go out of our way to ensure that the roof work is done to a very high standard of safety. Expect us to:

  • Set up the workspace carefully
  • Use scaffolding on pitched roofs
  • Use fall protection systems on other roofs
  • Remove obstructions before we start
  • Keep tools sheathed when not in use
  • Ensure no one is in harm’s way while we work

We’re the roofer of choice for builders in and near Gilroy in part because we take safety so seriously.

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Experienced Commercial Roofers

Commercial and industrial roofing takes unique skills and experience. Your average home roofer can’t do the commercial or industrial roofing that we can at Campbell Roofing. Part of what we bring to the table is a full understanding of various types of flat roofs. We can give you the advice you need to choose the best flat roof system for you and keep it in working order for decades to come.

While we can do repairs and installations on the largest roofs in town, we’re not some large and distant company. We’re family-owned, and we feel responsible for the quality of work that we do. We genuinely want to provide the best roof for your property to support your success.

We Can Work with Any Roof

We’re not just flat roofing experts. At Campbell Roofing, we have experience with virtually every roofing system, so that we can serve you no matter what type of roof you want or what type of roof you already have. This includes:

  • Metal roofs
  • Asphalt roofs
  • Tile roofs
  • Flat roofs

Ready to get started on your roof work? Reach out to us for roofing services in Gilroy.