Roof Repair

Many homeowners attempt DIY roof repair at some point in their lives, but is it worth it? Many roofing systems are protected by manufacturer’s warranties that are voided if you make unlicensed repairs. Learning about your options for roof repair, and when it might not make sense to spend on repairs, can help you save a lot in the long run. You can also visit our roof repair services page to learn more about the services we provide throughout the San Jose area.

The Risks of Dry Rot in Your Roof

Dry rot is one of those roof problems that can become very frustrating and expensive. There are risks to dry rot, including the collapse of your roof or serious structural damage to any wooden elements of your home. In order to manage these risks, you need to understand them and dry rot. Here is what [...]

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What Causes Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a bane for any roofer, carpenter, or anyone who works on homes. Dry rot will desiccate wood, leaving it crumbling into cubes and then turning it into a fine powder. When in a roof, dry rot can become a serious structural problem that destroys wood and causes roof collapse. So, what causes [...]

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How Do You Know if Your Roof Flashing Is Bad?

Roof flashing is the thin pieces or sheets of metal that protect key areas of your roof from water intrusion. You can find flashing down open valleys, around chimneys, skylights, plumbing boots and more. These are also some of the most common spots for leaks to develop, and often those leaks are caused by bad [...]

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How to File a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

Having a damaged roof and seeking insurance coverage for it is stressful. You want to get things repaired and handled right away, but there is a proper way to file a claim in order to maximize your chances of a successful application. There are certain things insurance companies want to see--and don’t want to see [...]

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