How to Keep Birds Out of Your Gutters

Your roof may be a very appealing place for the local birds to hang out. In cold weather in particular, birds turn to gutters to find a drink. If there are gaps in your roof’s edge, birds may get into your attic to get shelter from the weather. And in spring, they can build [...]

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Expensing Rules for Commercial Roofs in 2020

The expensing rules for commercial roofs in 2020 have changed. If your business has purchased a new roof in the past, you may have had to write off the cost of the roof over several years, perhaps even 39 years. Many roofs need to be replaced a second time before this depreciation period was even [...]

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How Much Weight Can a Roof Support?

There are plenty of situations where you may need to know how much weight your roof can support. If you own a commercial flat roof you may be curious if it can support a new packaged HVAC system, or the weight of your maintenance crew. Homeowners may be concerned that their roof won’t support [...]

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Who is Responsible for Roof Repairs in a Townhouse?

As a townhouse roof covers more than one dwelling and townhouses are often owned by organizations and landlords, you may be a bit confused about who is responsible when you need roof repairs. Does the HOA or a co-operative foot the bill? Or do you and your neighbor have shared roof responsibility? There is [...]

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How Much Ventilation Does a Flat Roof Need?

You know that roofers install vents on residential roofs, but what about your commercial flat roof? How much ventilation does a flat roof need? The answer depends on the type of roof you have: a cold roof or hot roof. Any type of roof, from TPO to EPDM, can be either hot or cold. [...]

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Why are Flat Roofs Common on Larger Commercial Buildings?

On your home, you have a sloped roof. Why are flat roofs more common on larger commercial buildings? There are a few advantages of flat roofing that make it ideal for commercial buildings. For one thing, commercial roofs can be much, much larger than homes. On these kinds of buildings, creating a sloped surface and [...]

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