How Much Weight Can a Roof Support?

There are plenty of situations where you may need to know how much weight your roof can support. If you own a commercial flat roof you may be curious if it can support a new packaged HVAC system, or the weight of your maintenance crew. Homeowners may be concerned that their roof won’t support them [...]

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Who is Responsible for Roof Repairs in a Townhouse?

As a townhouse roof covers more than one dwelling and townhouses are often owned by organizations and landlords, you may be a bit confused about who is responsible when you need roof repairs. Does the HOA or a co-operative foot the bill? Or do you and your neighbor have shared roof responsibility? There is no [...]

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How Much Ventilation Does a Flat Roof Need?

You know that roofers install vents on residential roofs, but what about your commercial flat roof? How much ventilation does a flat roof need? The answer depends on the type of roof you have: a cold roof or hot roof. Any type of roof, from TPO to EPDM, can be either hot or cold. It [...]

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Why are Flat Roofs Common on Larger Commercial Buildings?

On your home, you have a sloped roof. Why are flat roofs more common on larger commercial buildings? There are a few advantages of flat roofing that make it ideal for commercial buildings. For one thing, commercial roofs can be much, much larger than homes. On these kinds of buildings, creating a sloped surface and [...]

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Steel vs Aluminum Roof Installation: Which Should You Choose?

Not all metal roofs are made of the same material, or even from the same manufacturing techniques. There are many metal options, but the two most popular options are steel and aluminum. We install both steel and aluminum standing seam metal roofs, so we frequently advise customers as to which material is best for them. [...]

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TPO Roofing vs. EPDM: Which One Is Right For You?

If you need a flat roof, you have a choice between TPO and EPDM roofing. You may have heard conflicting advice about which of these products is right for you. We’re here to compare TPO roofing vs. EPDM once and for all. We’ll tell you which you should choose based on your climate and budget. [...]

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