Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

There are many different environmentally friendly roofing options. Which you should choose really depends on what you want to prioritize when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Do you want a material that is recyclable? That doesn’t take much energy to produce? Or, that helps you reduce how much energy you use when cooling your [...]

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Why is Roofing so Expensive?

The price of your roof is directly tied to the price of oil and gas. It’s not just that roofing needs to be transported, and therefore the cost of shipping it goes up as gas prices go up. Instead, roofing shingles are made from asphalt, which is made from oil. Asphalt is one kind of [...]

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5 Tips for Comparing Solar Bids in California

In California, putting solar panels on your roof can be a wise move. You'll generate your own energy, which can make you independent of the grid or just substantially lower your utility bills. While useful, solar panels and expensive and certainly a long-term investment. As with other big investments in your home, it's important to [...]

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How to File a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

Having a damaged roof and seeking insurance coverage for it is stressful. You want to get things repaired and handled right away, but there is a proper way to file a claim in order to maximize your chances of a successful application. There are certain things insurance companies want to see--and don’t want to see [...]

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How to Insulate a Flat Roof from the Inside

If you already have a flat roof but want to better its insulation, you may want to know how to insulate a flat roof from inside. Afterall, it is expensive, particularly on a large commercial roof, to remove the top layer of the roof and then lay down new insulation. However, before you figure out [...]

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