Should Your Flat Roof be Sloped?

Should your flat roof be sloped? It may sound more like a definitional question than a real concern. However, despite their name, flat roofs should be sloped. They installed at a pitch significantly smaller than anything you’ll see on an actual sloped roof. The pitch may actually be imperceptible when you’re looking at the roof. [...]

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17 Common Commercial Roofing Terms Explained

The world of commercial roofing can be a little bit technical, even more so than the residential roofing world. If you own a commercial roof, or you’re responsible for managing one, then it will benefit you to get a handle on some of the most common commercial roofing jargon. Here are seventeen commercial roofing terms [...]

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5 Common Noise Issues with Flat Roofs

It’s not just metal roofs that might have noise issues. Your flat roof, whether on a commercial building or your home, might develop noise issues too. While you wouldn’t think that the thick, rubber-like membranes that are on flat roofs would develop noise issues, they definitely can. Here are five common noise issues with flat [...]

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How Long Does Roof Insulation Last?

Roof insulation is, in theory, one of the most long-lived layers of the roof. Safe beneath the shingles from the sun, rain and other damage, roof insulation won’t deteriorate quickly at all. In fact, roof insulation can be expected to last the lifetime of your home, or 100 years or more. Everything from spray insulation [...]

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