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Many homes in San Jose were built in the 1950s and 1970s, back when attic insulation wasn’t great. If you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency, attic insulation replacement is a good choice. Pests, roof leaks, and other damage may also make it necessary to replace your insulation. For any attic insulation work in San Jose, trust Campbell Roofing.

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Batts are one of the options for attic insulations

Your Insulation Replacement Options

The team at Campbell Roofing has experience installing a wide variety of insulation types. We offer:

  • Batts: Although they are confused with roll-in insulation often, Batts are a separate type of insulation that is installed in pieces. It looks like sheets before it is installed.
  • Roll-in: Roll-in insulation is rolled out between joists. It is purchased in rolls, like lawn sod, before it’s installed.
  • Blow-in: Small particles of insulation and blow into place so that they can fill all of the little gaps in your space. We prefer to install blown-in insulation because it provides better coverage than other types and can more securely insulate your home.

The material of the insulation will determine its R-value. That’s the measure that tells you how well the insulation performs at stopping heat in its tracks. We can advise you as to what R-value is a good idea for your home, and what might be under-performing, or what might too be much of an investment.

What about brand? We prefer to install insulation from Owens Corning, as we believe it offers the best quality and price point for our customers. However, we can install any brand that works best for you and your specific needs.

Superior Insulation Installation

The type of insulation you choose matters, but only if you can get a proper installation. Small gaps in the insulation can cause huge losses of indoor air, whether it’s cool in the summer or heat in the winter. That’s why you should trust the professionals at Campbell Roofing. We can give you advice to choose the insulation with the right R-value for you, but also make sure you get the full benefit of that R-value with quality installation by trained experts.

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Insulation Repair

Insulation repair is a simple job that can protect your comfort in your home and its energy efficiency. Yet, you may not realize that you need it. You may have damaged insulation in your home right now, from one or more of these sources:

  • Roof leaks: When insulation gets wet, it can’t resist heat flow properly. Plus, wet insulation may allow for mold and fungus growth, so it is best to remove it.
  • Animal infestation: Animals and bugs that take up residence in your attic can ruin your insulation by chewing it up and soaking it in urine or droppings.
  • Condensation: You don’t need a leak to have moisture problems in your attic. Poor ventilation can create condensation that ruins your insulation.

The quality of your insulation is a big factor in how comfortable you are in your home. When you need experts that you can trust, choose Campbell Roofing for attic insulation in San Jose.

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