About Campbell Roofing

Campbell Roofing was founded by expert roofer Roger Garza in 2008, after 11 years in the roofing trade. While he enjoyed working for his previous employer, there was a drive for something better, something that he could build to support his family. Roger believed that it wasn’t just his family that could benefit from his knowledge and skills, but every family in the San Jose area. That’s why he struck out on his own and built a new roofing company based on one core concept – every customer is a new addition to the circle of friends and family.

There are currently 7 dedicated roofers working out of the Campbell Roofing office, each under the direct supervision of Roger himself. Each one came with a different set of skills and experience and Roger shared with them the tricks of the trade. Whether they are on a full tear-off and re-roof job, or simply doing a patch to get a client through the winter, Roger is always in teaching mode. Not only is he teaching his team, but his clients as well.

The Campbell Roofing family

Meet the Owner

Roger Garza

Roger Garza has lived in the San Jose area since he was 12 years old, attending Campbell Middle School and Prospect High School.  Shortly after graduation, Roger joined the roofing industry at age 19.

He began his career on a roof tear off team, but soon wanted to take on a bigger role. He put in his time and worked his way up, and by the time he was 27 he was supervising his own team of roofers and running jobs.

Still, Roger wanted more, so he began to study for the contractor’s license exam. By 2007, Roger earned his contractor’s license, opened his own business, and never looked back.

Today, he is still closely involved with his company’s operations, growth, and making clients happy. Roger says that hard work, honestly, and a desire to truly help people helped get him, and his company, where they are today.

In his free time, Roger continues to play indoor and outdoor soccer. For the past 10 years he has been a proud member of Real Santa Clara, and also follows several Bay Area sports teams, including the EqrthQuakes, 49ers, Warriors, Shakes, Giants, and the A’s.

Roger Garza, owner of Campbell Roofing in San Jose CA

Meet Our Roofers

At Campbell Roofing, we only hire the best of the best. Here are just a few of our team members who bring their expertise, dedication, and passion to every job, every day.

Christopher Lambert

Christopher Lambert

Christopher Lambert has only been with us since early 2018, but it didn’t take long for him to prove himself as a capable, hardworking roofer. A Miami native, Christopher was introduced to the roofing industry by a friend in 2015 and has loved it every since.

Ernie Mendoza

Ernie Mendoza

Ernie Mendoza is an industry veteran with over 36 years of experience. Ernie joined the roofing industry shortly after high school and has been honing his craft ever since. A Richmond, CA native, Ernie likes to spend his free time vacationing with his family, which includes three sons and three daughters.

Juan Duarte

Juan Duarte

Juan joined Campbell Roofing in 2015 but brings over 20 years of industry experience with him. A Jalisco native, Juan is a father of two who enjoys watching soccer almost as much as he likes playing it.

Jesus Manuel Aragon

Jesus Manuel Aragon

Jesus Manuel Aragon started working in the roofing industry shortly before joining Campbell Roofing, but his hard work and dedication quickly set him apart. Jesus’s dependability also extends to his free time, where he plays the bass guitar.

We Are Local

Campbell Roofing is proud to support local businesses and organizations.

Hands-On Management Makes All The Difference

Campbell Roofing on a job site in Fremont

One of the most unique things about Campbell Roofing is the work that Roger does is the way in which he keeps the customer informed at every turn. Even before a job is started, Roger is on the roof with his digital camera taking pictures of the problem areas. He shares these to both explain the extent of the roof problem and to highlight the possible causes. This is extremely important because it could indicate an underlying problem in the home that, if not fixed, would lead to the roof failing long before it should.

Because quality is job #1, Roger hires only workers with attention to detail. Roofing isn’t a job, it’s an artisan skill. Sure, a person can go up on a roof and tack down shingles, but that doesn’t make him a roofer. Roofing requires intimate knowledge of flashing, pitches, rain diversion, load limits, vent configurations and other individually based roof structures. We have that, and because we do our roofs stand the test of time to keep your family safe and secure.