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Can My Attic Support My Weight?

Can your attic support your weight? That depends on what you mean. If you’re talking about the floor of an attic, then it may, or may not, support the weight of a person. We’ll tell you how you can figure it out. If you’re talking about walking on the roof and therefore relying on the [...]

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How Much Weight Can a Flat Roof Support?

Is putting weight on your flat roof a good idea? You may want to walk on your flat roof, install HVAC equipment on it, or even turn it into a green roof with plants. Before you even step on the roof, you should know if it will support you. How much weight can your flat [...]

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What Should I Do If My Skylight Leaks?

Skylights are a gorgeous addition to any home. There’s no replacement for natural light and a great view, and a well-placed skylight can bring you both. Still, many homeowners who expect a skylight to be nothing but a delight are surprised when they discover a leak. Unfortunately, skylight leaks are quite common. Many skylight companies [...]

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How to Extend the Life of an Asphalt Shingle Roof

Roofs are big investments, so much so that you want to maximize their value. You can extend your asphalt shingle roof’s lifespan if you can keep it in good condition and quickly handle any issues it develops. Here’s a guide to what you can do as a homeowner to make your current roof last as [...]

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4 Ways a Leaky Roof Can Impact Your Health

We typically think about leaky roofs as a big impact on our wallet. However, they can also make a big impact on our health. This is especially a concern for commercial building owners, who might impact the health of dozens or hundreds of people by letting a leaky roof go unhandled. Here are some of [...]

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How Much Weight Can a Roof Support?

There are plenty of situations where you may need to know how much weight your roof can support. If you own a commercial flat roof you may be curious if it can support a new packaged HVAC system, or the weight of your maintenance crew. Homeowners may be concerned that their roof won’t support [...]

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