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How to Tell if Your Roofer is Fully Insured

When looking for a roofing contractor, several essential factors must be considered before deciding. These factors include the company’s reviews, pricing, and reputation, among many others. Property owners must also ensure the roofer has proper insurance to protect them from mishaps during installation, repairs, or maintenance. The last thing you want is additional charges to [...]

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Can a Roof Collapse from Dry Rot?

Dry rot is caused by a fungus that eats the cellulose in wood even in relatively dry conditions. Yes, your roof can collapse from a dry rot infection. In the end, any wood that has been infected by dry rot turns into a fine powder, with the cellulose completely eaten away. When this happens to [...]

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Can You Walk on an EPDM Roof?

Yes, you can walk on an EPDM roof. However, you should not do so regularly unless the roof has been modified to allow for regular foot traffic. We’ll explain more about what you should consider when walking on the roof and how an EPDM roof can be modified for regular use. Issues with Walking on [...]

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Why Do Flat Roofs Fail?

Flat roofs represent a significant investment and protect the rest of your building. When they fail, they cause a huge scramble for professional help and replacement—which also costs you too. So, avoiding flat roof failure is an important part of caring for any building. To avoid failure, you need to know what causes it in [...]

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Are Flat Roofs More Likely to Leak?

Are flat roofs more likely to leak than pitched roofs? No, not when properly installed and maintained. While those might seem like big caveats, there are simple steps you can take to ensure that your flat roof is properly installed and then well-maintained. We’ll discuss what you should know about the potential of flat roofs [...]

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Are Flat Roofs More Energy Efficient?

On a commercial building, flat roofs are often included as a matter of efficiency. On such broad buildings, including a sloped roof would require a very large amount of materials, and the weight of the pitched roof might also be design-prohibitive. It is more cost-effective and more convenient to install flat roofs instead. As a [...]

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