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Are Flat Roofs More Energy Efficient?

On a commercial building, flat roofs are often included as a matter of efficiency. On such broad buildings, including a sloped roof would require a very large amount of materials, and the weight of the pitched roof might also be design-prohibitive. It is more cost-effective and more convenient to install flat roofs instead. As a [...]

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The Pros and Cons of a Tile Roof

Tile roofing is a traditional roofing material that you can often find on historic homes in the South, mission style homes on the west coast, and other classic architectural styles. While they were once composed of simple clay, modern material science has enabled manufacturers to make even more durable, consistent and beautiful tiles from concrete [...]

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17 Common Commercial Roofing Terms Explained

The world of commercial roofing can be a little bit technical, even more so than the residential roofing world. If you own a commercial roof, or you’re responsible for managing one, then it will benefit you to get a handle on some of the most common commercial roofing jargon. Here are seventeen commercial roofing terms [...]

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5 Common Noise Issues with Flat Roofs

It’s not just metal roofs that might have noise issues. Your flat roof, whether on a commercial building or your home, might develop noise issues too. While you wouldn’t think that the thick, rubber-like membranes that are on flat roofs would develop noise issues, they definitely can. Here are five common noise issues with flat [...]

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The Four Different Types of Flat Roofs

Most flat roofs look fairly similar when you’re standing on them. They’re a flat, smooth surface typically in black. However, although they look similar, there is a whole lot of difference between the various types of flat roofing in performance, longevity, ease of repair and cost. If you’re looking into flat roofing, you may want [...]

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Flat Roofs

If you’re standing on the ground, looking up at a building with a flat roof, it’s almost as if they have no roof at all. Maybe it’s this mystery that makes flat roofing a bit more enigmatic than shingle roofs. They might be hidden from your direct view, but flat roofs are fascinating. Here are [...]

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