When you’re running a warehouse, limiting your downtime is essential. Roof repairs and installations are one of the major tasks that can limit the use of your warehouse. You want to minimize the time and disruption from installations and also avoid repairs. That means that both ease of installation and quality should be top concerns for you when you’re choosing your roof. In general, we recommend TPO and EPDM as the two best types of roofs for a warehouse in California. Here’s why.

TPO Roofing

TPO is thermoplastic olefin and one of the most recent materials to be used for making roofing. TPO roofing fulfills the most important requirements for roofing on warehousing, including simple installation as a single-ply membrane and high quality that will prevent the need for repairs. We use GenFlex TPO roofing which is sold in even wider rolls than other TPO. This limits the number of seams on the roof, which reduces the overall opportunity for leaks. If you do need a repair, the job is much simpler than with other roofing materials. We need only cut out the leaking portion and replace it.

EPDM Roofing

If you’re working on too small of a budget for TPO roofing, the EPDM is our second choice. It offers solid performance and simple installation, although it is not quite as durable as TPO. However, if your warehouse is close enough to the coast that it will be exposed to salt, then EPDM is a better material to withstand this specific environmental challenge.

Why Not Modified Bitumen?

Modified bitumen roofing is not as durable as TPO. It doesn’t offer the same width, which means there are more seams on a modified bitumen roof and, therefore more opportunities for leaks. Modified bitumen is also more challenging to install and takes longer, which can impact the use of your warehouse. This material also is more challenging to repair than our other two choices, so repairs may be more of a disruption to your facility.

Why Not PVC?

PVC is another valuable type of roofing which is often mentioned in the same breath as TPO and EPDM. While it can be a good choice in some circumstances, we find that PVC is just not a great option for warehouse roofs. PVC is less environmentally friendly than TPO, and it is more challenging to install.

Why Not BUR?

Built-up-roofing is a logistical challenge and, due to its weak performance, is widely considered an outdated material which few roofers will install fresh on a roof. BUR requires a great deal of maintenance and leaks can be a challenge to properly address. They can be both time-consuming and budget consuming.

Which Is Best?

We recommend two roofing types for warehouses most strongly: TPO and EPDM. Which is best for you will depend on the specifics of your building, your budget and your other priorities. Learn more about how to compare TPO vs EPDM or reach out to us to discuss your individual needs.