What are the Disadvantages of Gutter Guards?

Imagine a home tucked into the woods, with several mature trees standing close and high over the roof. Between the needles, pinecones and leaves on deciduous trees, there is debris falling onto the roof several times per year. Plus, there are always critters up in the trees that might be tempted to head down to [...]

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How Do Gusher Guards Work?

Gusher guards are thin pieces of material that are meant to stop water from overshooting your gutters and ending up on the ground. Otherwise, over time, that water can do serious damage to your landscaping and the foundation of your home. Not to mention that it’s annoying to walk by your roof and get splashed [...]

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How Do You Stop Rain from Overshooting Gutters?

Your gutters are on your roof for a reason, to collect and divert rainwater away from the foundation of your home. If rain is overshooting your gutters, then that water will collect in spots it shouldn’t. It may ruin landscaping, soak your family or guests, and do long-term damage to the foundation of your home. [...]

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Is Water Ponding on Your Business’ Roof?

Do you see little (or large) puddles on your business’ roof? While these little “ponds” might seem harmless, they can actually cause more significant problems over time. Here’s how you know if the water on your roof counts as ponding and what it might cause if you don’t get it corrected. What Is Ponding? Ponding [...]

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Should Your Flat Roof be Sloped?

Should your flat roof be sloped? It may sound more like a definitional question than a real concern. However, despite their name, flat roofs should be sloped. They installed at a pitch significantly smaller than anything you’ll see on an actual sloped roof. The pitch may actually be imperceptible when you’re looking at the roof. [...]

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